Can You Live Without Time?

Two researchers (left) pose with members of the Amondawa tribe in Brazil.

(Telegraph) Amazonian tribe has no calendar and no concept of time

It is the perfect community if you are always late or like to lie about your age – British scientists have discovered a remote tribe that has no concept of time or dates.

The Amondawa people who live deep in the Amazonian rainforests of Brazil have no watches or calendars and live their lives to the patterns of day and night and the rainy and dry seasons.

They also have no age – and mark the transition from childhood to adulthood to old age by changing their name.

The team of researchers, led by University of Portsmouth, said that it is the first time they have been able to prove time is not a deeply entrenched universal human concept, as previously thought.

Professor Chris Sinha said: ‘We can now say without doubt that there is at least one language and culture which does not have a concept of time as something that can be measured, counted or talked about in the abstract.

“This doesn’t mean that the Amondawa are “people outside time”, but they live in a world governed by events rather than the passing of time.”

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Why do we have to age anyway?

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