Does The World’s 2nd-Smartest Man Pop 50 Pills A Day?

rick-rosner(Business Insider) The World’s 2nd-Smartest Man Reveals The ‘Brain Drugs’ That He Thinks Make Him Smarter

Rick Rosner, the world’s second-smartest man, starts his day by downing 50 pills. Omega 3 fish oil capsules (to control the bad fat), a baby aspirin (for longevity), Metformin (for the metabolism). Pop, pop, pop. Then breakfast. 

The regimen, he says, makes his brain “work better.” If you prevent age-related cognitive decline, then “that’s sort of like being smarter.”

Rosner has an IQ of 192, compared with the average IQ of 100, as ranked by intelligence tests on this list kept by the World Genius Directory.

The health nut (on a typical day he also visits five different gyms) provided us with a full list of his mostly self-prescribed meds, along with his own commentary about their benefits.

But first, a disclaimer. Rosner has been many things — a comedy writer, a bouncer, a stripper — but he does not claim to be a doctor.

Even though Rosner swears by his supplements, research supporting his use is scant to nonexistent. Supplements are almost completely unregulated and may contain substances beyond, or instead of, what’s advertised on the bottle. In some cases, they can be harmful.

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