Was Silvio Berlusconi Finally Too Worn Out To Attend His Own Party?

(Telegraph) Silvio Berlusconi ‘worn out’ after ‘crazy’ ‘bunga bunga’ party

By , Rome 6:51PM BST 30 Apr 2012

An exhausted Silvio Berlusconi appealed to showgirls to give him a rest after a “crazy” night at one of his “bunga bunga” parties, intercepted telephone calls appear to reveal on Monday.

The phone calls are part of evidence gathered by prosecutors in Milan against the former prime minister, who is on trial for abuse of office and paying for sex with a 17-year-old nightclub dancer. He denies the charges.

“We did some crazy things,” he apparently told Marysthelle Polanco, a model from the Caribbean who is allegedly one of more than 30 starlets and models who attended parties at his villa outside Milan.

“Tell Aida (Yespica, another showgirl) that tonight we won’t do anything special because I’m tired, I’m worn out. So tonight we’ll just have a quiet dinner with some music. I won’t be taking part …”

The billionaire politician, who was forced to resign in November amid sex scandals and criticism of his handling of Italy’s economic crisis, joked with another showgirl who had been absent from two parties because of illness.

“You must have more interesting appointments, sexually more exciting ones,” he said.

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