What’s the Scariest Thing About Operations?

After complaining of severe headaches, doctors found this 10 cm knife embedded in 37-year-old Li Fu's head for the past 4 years.

(The Guardian) The things surgeons leave behind inside their patients

The Chinese man who didn’t notice he had a 10cm knife in his head is one of a surprising number of patients who have things left inside them after surgery.

When you go for an operation, the biggest worry is probably waking up from the anaesthetic. But what if you got more than you bargained for? An average of two operations a week in Britain end with surgical instruments being sewn inside patients’ bodies. In 2008, more than 700 NHS users were left harbouring forceps, scissors, swabs and pliers, according to one newspaper. Last June, ex-soldier Maureen Deeley finally had removed a swab left inside her during a 1996 operation. She had been, she said, “in agony for 14 years”.

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