1 in 25 Leaders Is A Psychopath

Did you ever wonder how psychopaths can can commit rape or murder but show no signs of remorse or guilt? Their brain wiring is different. According to a study, a psychopath is born not bred. Click here to read more.

(Telegraph) One in 25 business leaders ‘could be a psychopath’

By Nick Collins, Science Correspondent

7:30AM BST 02 Sep 2011


As many as one in 25 company bosses could be a psychopath.

Psychopaths are defined by their lack of moral instincts, but many are able to hide this by a natural ability to charm and manipulate both their seniors and subordinates.

While some psychopaths are outwardly aggressive and destructive, factors like a happy upbringing can help others to mimic colleagues and fit in at work.

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