Does Listening To Music At Work Increase Your Accuracy And Speed?

Music1-822x780(Telegraph) This is the kind of music you should listen to at work

By  5:00AM BST 23 Oct 2014

Listening to music at work increases accuracy and speed, a new study has found. The genre you should choose, from classical music to dance beats, depends on what your work involves

They say that listening to Mozart makes a person smarter, but a new study shows that it’s not only classical music that boosts mental activity.

Nine out of 10 workers perform better when listening to music, according to a new study that found 88pc of participants produced their most accurate test results and 81pc completed their fastest work when music was playing.

“The take-home message is that music is a very powerful management tool if you want to increase not only the efficiency of your workforce but also their mental state, their emotional state – they’re going to become more positive about the work,” said Dr David Lewis, a neuropsychologist and chairman of Mindlab International, the company that conducted the research.

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