Does Marriage Make You Nicer?

Maybe not so much for Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva?

(Telegraph) Marriage ‘makes men nicer’

“Marriage is nature’s way of keeping us from fighting with strangers,” the American stand-up comedian Alan King once said.

Now psychologists have found that his quip bears the hallmark of truth. They found that marriage actively makes men nicer – or at least less likely to indulge in antisocial activities.

Psychologists at Michigan State University in the US discovered that those who married tended to have notched up fewer antisocial incidents by the time they were 29 – such as criminal behaviour, being aggressive and binge drinking – than those who remained bachelors.

However, the academics argued this could have just been because nicer men tended to be the ones who married. But when they looked at how the identical twins behaved over the course of the 12-year study period, they found marriage did have an active effect. Once one twin married, his antisocial behaviour tailed off rapidly. The bad behaviour of his bachelor brother continued unabated.

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Does marriage ‘socialise’ us? Or any sort of commitment for that matter?

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