Is Your IQ Related to Your Motivation?

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(Telegraph) IQ is as much a measure of motivation as intelligence, study finds

Parents if you want to improve your child’s chances of getting into Mensa then bribe them during their IQ test, a new study suggests.

Scientists have shown that offering a financial reward for doing well can increase their score by up to 20 points on the scale where the average is 100 and Mensa membership is around 150.

The team at the University of Pennsylvania made the findings after setting out to prove that scores in the test were not just related to intelligence but also to motivation. They looked at 46 previous studies of more than 2,000 children to see if monetary incentives had any bearing on the result.

They found that on average a financial reward improved the score by 10 points but that higher values – above $10 (about £7) – could be rewarded with a 20 point increase.

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