Men Versus Women: Who Feels Pain More Intensely?

So, when a woman falls ill, her pain may be more intense than a man's...?

(Time Healthland) Men vs. Women on Pain: Who Hurts More?

By ALICE PARK | @aliceparkny | January 23, 2012 |

A large new California study finds an unexpectedly clear difference between the genders.

Women feel pain more intensely than men, according to a new study of 11,000 men and women who were patients at the Stanford Hospital and Clinics.

Researchers analyzed electronic medical records of patients’ reports of pain across a range of different diseases, and found a distinct gender-driven difference in how much discomfort patients say they felt. The study included 47 disorders — from cancer to back conditions and infectious diseases — and more than 161,000 patient-reported pain scores. The patients were all asked by nurses or other health personnel to rate their pain on an 11-point scale, with 0 representing “no pain” and 11 signifying the “worst pain imaginable.”

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