The Case of Face Versus Body

So what happens if you have both?

Men Look for Good Bodies in Short-Term Mates, Pretty Faces in Long-Term Mates

ScienceDaily (Sep. 26, 2010) — Men who are looking for short-term companionship are more interested in a woman’s body than those looking for a long-term relationship, who focused on a woman’s face, according to new research from psychologists at The University of Texas at Austin.

A woman’s body generally provides cues about her state of fertility while her face gives insight into her long-term reproductive value, according to previous research. So the new findings suggest men seeking a short-term relationship have psychological adaptations to look for partners who are fertile and can produce offspring.

“Men’s priorities shift depending on what they want in a mate, with facial features taking on more importance when a long-term relationship is the goal,” says psychology graduate student Jaime Confer, who co-authored the research with graduate student Carin Perilloux and Professor David Buss. “Mating is central to the engine of natural selection. This research helps clarify people’s preference.”

Women showed no significant difference in their interest in faces or bodies when looking for short-term or long-term mates, according to the study published this month in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior.

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