What’s the Formula for the Perfect Wife?

Or maybe it's a cross between Eva Mendes, Queen Rania of Jordan, and Martha Stewart's cooking skills...

A team from the Geneva School of Business have published a study on what the formula is for a ‘perfect’ wife.

(Telegraph) Scientists find mathematical formula for the perfect wife

A bride should be five years younger than her groom, should come from the same cultural background, and be the more intelligent of the pair if couples are to have a successful marriage, scientists have announced.

The academic study, published in the European Journal of Operational Research looked at 1,074 couples aged between 19 and 75 years, to find which social factors were most important to a long and happy relationship.

Besides the man being five years older than his bride, and that his bride should share the same heritage, they concluded that a wife should be at least 27 per cent more intelligent than her husband. She should also hold a degree, while he should not. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the academics found that marrying a divorcee reduced the chance of wedded bliss.

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What’s the perfect formula for you? A younger wife from the same cultural background seems to make sense, but does she need to be smarter? Surely marriage should be about partnership and teamwork, so shouldn’t the two be equal?  The thing about marriage is… people have placed such a great deal of importance on it, on something that could very well be an outdated institution, without realising that: 1- there is no guarantee that marriage will mean a ‘happily-ever after’ ending and 2- there are other equally important things in life, like finding a cure for cancer. Is marriage really for everyone? When did it become the ultimate measure of success?

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